‘Nobody is perfect, there’s always room for continuous learning in bike riding’ says Peter J Salzano a well-known bike rider and eminent blogger. There is always much to learn and much to correct when it comes to bike riding technique. Below are some top lessons from motorcycle rider training: 

1. Getting the most out of throttle 

Every motorbike rider should know how to make the most out of throttle as it influences not only your speed but affects traction,suspension, weight transfer, steering, stability and ground clearance.

2. Adjusting the suspension to be right 

According to Peter J Salzano, few small adjustments for your bike’s suspension can improve your riding experience.

3. Trail Braking

It is a method of coordination of throttle and front brake for smoother deceleration. It helps in controlling the straight line stopping or this part of training helps you to maintain a control while entering the turns.

4. Body positioning

How you place your body while riding motorbike makes a remarkable difference in how you ride.

In addition Peter J Salzano recommends to trust your motorcycle and your self. This is the important lesson that has to be learnt while riding a motorbike. 

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