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“Life without risk is surely a boring life,” says Peter J Salzano a motorbike enthusiast, blogger and book lover. He states how people are often scared of riding on a motorbike than in a car. In his opinion riding a motorbike gives him the thrill and fulfillment. Peter believes that there are so many things that the riders are unaware of; therefore these following books will help them to understand more about bike riding

Peter J Salzano - Motorcycle Enthusiast
  1. Jupiter’s Travels: Four Years Around The World on a Triumph by Ted Simon

This book narrates the author’s adventure of traveling around the world. On his motorbike, he traveled past 45 countries and six continents. As most of his journey was made by its motorcycle it is full of adventures. This book was first published in 1979 and influenced various people and celebrities.

  1. Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across The World by Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman

Getting inspired by Jupiter’s trends, the British movie stars Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman undertook a meaningful trip that was documented for both books and tv series. They traveled from London to New York with a total journey of more than three months. The book is available in Kindle formats and paperback.

  1. Running with the Moon: A Boy’s Own Adventure: Riding a Motorbike through Africa by Jonny Bealby

This is a great story of a man’s struggle after the loss of his loved ones and how he overcomes the grief. The author lost his fiancee Melanie and to overcome the loss of her, Bealby undertook the motorbike ride around the African continent to overcome his emotional despair. While the journey he learned the purpose and meaning of life. It is a great book that teaches the true meaning of life, it’s not always good experiences but it’s about how we deal with the bad experiences. It was published by 1995 and is available in the paperback format.

  1. The Total Motorcycling Manual by Mark Lindemann

It is a classic book about Motorcycles, that has fantastic tips on motorcycling gears and how to maintain them. It is a guide book that has tips on how to ride safely, what to ride and the tips if you are touring. Learn motorcycle anatomy and everything related to motorcycling by Mark Lindemann’s book.

Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts
  1. The Art of BMW: 90 years of motorcycle excellence

This book displays what BMW has been manufacturing in the past 90 years and how it has evolved. This book is of great interest to people who love motorbiking. The book contains the classic bikes from pre-world war 2 to the present. It has a detailed description of the performance bike, the airheads, the oil heads, and six-cylinder touring bikes and others.

The above books listed by Peter J Salzano are the “must-have” books in your list of motorcycle books. The vivid descriptions of experiences in the book will give you deeper knowledge about the motorbikes. Most of the above books enlighten the audience with motorcycling evolution and excellence.

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