Top 4 Winter Destinations for Bikers in 2020 – Peter J Salzano

‘Winter is the season to rejoice, the season of celebration, and the season to explore the world’, says Peter J Salzano, a passionate bike rider and professional voice over artist. His love for bike riding has taken him to remote places in search of nature’s wonders. He loves to travel in winter as he thinks that the world becomes more beautiful during the winter season.

Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Peter talks about the top 4 destinations to go for a road trip in winter.


Peter’s first go-to destination is the grand kingdom of Morocco. Taking a bike ride to the Moroccan land can be full of adventures. You get to witness the dunes of Sahara and the summits of the Atlas. The motorcyclists can stop anywhere to spend their evening watching the sunset amidst the desert.


Everyone who loves to take road trips must plan a motorcycle adventure to Sardinia once in their life. It is an experience worth having. Sardinia is said to have the best road surfaces in Europe. Your travel will be full of surprises with some of the bumpiest roads. Also, the temperature is very favorable to ride as it is sunny in Sardinia throughout the year.

Traveling 39 kilometers along SS198 takes you to the curve that links Sadali to Gairo Sant’ Elena and you get to see some amazing views along the way.


The mild climate of Portugal makes it perfect to spend your winters there. With 3 hours of sunshine per year and beautiful beaches stretched along the Atlantic Ocean. Traveling along the Arrabida Bottom Road, you get to witness the beautiful ocean views and Monaco-like tunnels carved into the mountainside.

Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts


With an amazing coastline of 5.835 Km, Croatia proves to be one of the most adventurous destination for a motorcycle ride. The road from Ravca to Makarska in the south of Croatia offers ocean views from the peak of a rocky mountain. Moving to the north, you can ride along the Croatian coastal roads, especially the E65 from Senj to Prizna.

Peter Salzano has made several memories along the above-mentioned roads and says that every bike rider should experience riding along these roads.

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