Peter J Salzano: Road Risks for Motorcycle Riders and Safety Tips

Riders and the risky roads, danger, and speed can be tackled with safety measures by acting as a responsible rider on the road, says Peter J Salzano, a popular biker. Yes, it is true that some risks cannot be avoided but can be reduced for sure. You need to be more alert when on road, but for that, as a rider, you must be aware of the remedies available if you get involved in any traffic accident.

The motorcycle accidents are generally related to the collision, ⅔  of the motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, and the fatality rate for motorcycle accidents has doubled in the past few years.

Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts

With the intention of sharing information about the safety on road for bikers here is some information shared by Peter J Salzano: 

Visual Recognition

The visual targets for the motorcyclists are generally smaller which at times are obscured by other vehicles, or by road, or due to the weather condition.  As a fact, the collisions on the road occur at the time of intersections. 

Speed Accidents

The most common reason for the accidents on roads is the speed and when it comes to motorcycle accidents it can be more dangerous. As the front of a motorcycle is very unstable and can shake at a high speed. Misalignment of the front and rear tires can be the cause for which the manufacturer may be held responsible for injuries. It is very important for a biker to have good control over your bike even when you ride it at high speed. 

Road Hazards

Pay attention to the road, it’s not just the other vehicles on the road that can be a danger alarm but also other facts like oil slicks on the road, debris, potholes, ruts, railroad tracks, and uneven pavement can be the cause of an accident. So be careful on-road and also keep a check on your speed, as if you are riding at a high speed you may not be able to notice such minor irritations that can be a reason for a motorcycle accident. 

Riding Skills

Take your bike on a busy road only if you have mastered the skill otherwise take assistance from others on a less busy road. Another major reason for motorcycle accidents these days is because of the lack of basic riding skills of the rider. Take time to learn and avoid speedy rides especially as a beginner.

Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Safety Tips

  • The general rule for the rider’s safety is to always wear a helmet.
  • Prefer anti-lock brakes, even as per the survey there is 37% fewer chances to get involved in a fatal crash if you have anti-lock brakes.
  • Work on your skills, get proper training on how to ride a bike before you start riding yourself.
  • If you are a new rider, you should avoid riding in adverse weather conditions. In fact, if it is possible for you to avoid riding in bad weather condition it’s a great option.
  • Be attentive when on road, follow the traffic rules, and watch for road hazards.

These were some tips shared by Peter J Salzano that you should consider while riding a motorcycle. Your safety is in your hands and so are the precautions measures under your control. Ride safe with pride is a message from Peter to all the riders.

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