Peter J Salzano: Top 5 world famous destinations for Motorcycle Riders

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No doubt our earth is full of beautiful places and there are a lot of places to explore in the world that we do not visit yet. A professional bike rider always searches for the best destinations. If you are also a bike lover, then you too prefer the best places for Riding. In this post, Peter Salzano is going to share the five best destinations for motorcycle Riders.

This post is going to be very interesting. Here is the list of best places where you can discover the best on two wheels.


Morocco is a beautiful country in North Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean As Compared to most African countries Morocco is very safe for Bike Riding. There are many places to explore in Morocco exploring Morocco by motorbike won’t seriously burden your wallet.


Peter Salzano - Chile

Chile is a long, narrow country stretching along South America’s western edge. It is the most popular destination in South America for bike riding. Carretera Austral, Colchagua Valley, Biking Lake Llanquihue, and the Atacama Desert are the best places for Bike Riding in Chile.


Peter Salzano - Italy

Italy is among the best places in the world to ride in. Here you can enjoy the twisty roads, hills and mountains and view of close distances between the sea. Its Good weather, excellent food, and genuine prices attract bikers. Bike riding is very enjoyable in Italy.  The hills of Umbria and Tuscany are perfect places for riders.

New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is the best place for bikers to enjoy the outdoors. Here you can enjoy the rainforested curves of the West Coast highway and well-engineered and maintained roads.  New Zealand is beautifully suited to two-wheel travel.


Peter j Salzano - Thailand

Thailand is an exotic place to enjoy bike riding. It is famous for its hospitable culture and, uh, Thai food, you really can’t go wrong. Thousands of visitors came here each year to enjoy bike riding. Mae Rim Orchid Farm, Mae Sa Waterfall, Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, Samoeng Forest, Pa Ta Cave, Ban Muang Goong pottery village are top sights of Thailand.

Final Note

This is the list of world-famous destinations suggested by Peter Salzano for Bike riders. You can explore according to your choice as there are many other destinations that you would love to choose. If you are born to do something unique then do from today onwards.

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