Peter J Salzano: Tips For Riding Posture to Get Comfortable on a Sportbike

As a beginner to riding a Sportbike or Superbikes will not feel that comfortable to you with an absolutely commuted forward-leaning riding stance, says Peter Salzano a professional bike rider and a sports blogger. Riding a sportbike requires skill and maturity level to handle such a machine, with a good amount of knowledge about the right riding posture to get comfortable on a sportbike.

The comfortability to ride is one major factor that many people do not prefer to ride such full faired sportbikes because of the demanding riding position. Peter says, as a rider getting comfortable on a sportbike, is no less than an art, and can be achieved with some practice and tips for riding posture to get comfortable on a sportbike.

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So to help the beginners to master the skill to comfortably ride a sportbike here are some tips shared by Peter J Salzano:

Get Comfortable on the Seat

As a bigger one thing that should be strictly avoided is riding in a hurry. When you sit on the sportbike, take time to get comfortable on the seat. Grab the handlebars for support and comfort yourself on the seat.

Put the motorcycle on the paddock stand/ the center stand, sit on the saddle and get comfortable with the riding stance. Now put your hands, on the handlebar, get on the foot-pegs and the feel of the riding position. 

Never Lock the Elbows

Do not keep your arms straight/elbows locked, especially when riding a sportbike. Always keep your arms slightly bent as your arms also act as natural shock absorbers for your upper body. 

Keep Your Back Straight

Back straight and arms slightly bent is what a comfortable riding posture looks like. You will never feel comfortable riding a sportbike if you don’t keep your back straight. The structure of the sportbike is designed like that, you need to keep your back straight to achieve a comfortable riding experience.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

The clothing is not directly related to the riding posture but is an important factor for you to feel comfortable while riding. Avoid wearing loose clothes because that makes the rider exposed to wind buffeting. Body fit clothes are recommended when riding a sportbike.

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Clutch the Fuel Tank with the Thighs

Grabbing the fuel tank firmly with your thighs will help in taking some weights off your arms. It also helps in maintaining the stability of the sportbike.

These are some basic tips that will help to get comfortable riding a sportbike. Peter J Salzano says, practice is what makes a rider perfect, the more your ride and explore, you will find your comfortable spot to ride.

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