Peter J Salzano: Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

Bikers often see the same passion for bikes in their kids and as parents, you wish to give them the right guidance at this early age to live their passion without any restrictions, says Peter J Salzano. Peter is a professional biker and a sports blogger known for his piece of advice and professional skills as a biker.

But as parents to allow your kids to ride around on a bike can be a big decision to make. Questions like the safety, the price of the bike, and of course which bike to buy will strike your mind while making this decision.

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To help you find the right bike for your kids, here is a list of dirt bikes shared by Peter J Salzano that you can consider buying. Let’s quickly take a look at these bikes:

  • Yamaha 6-Volt Ride on Bike

The first suggestion here is the Yamaha 6-Volt bike that delays the production of great dirt bikes for riders of all ages and experience levels. It’s a great electric dirt bike that is mostly recommended by trainers for young bikers.

The cost of this bike is approximately $99 and is one of the affordable bikes for kids. It comes with training wheels, a steel frame, and a top speed of 2.5 mph that makes it safe for your kid to ride the Yamaha 6-Volt bike.

  • Aosom 6VKids Electric Motocross Bike

Many of you might not have heard of this brand of bike, but this is one of the safest and the best options to help your youngster experience the fun of a dirt bike. This bike will cost you around $119.99 and are easily available in online shopping stores.

It’s a lightweight bike that comes with training wheels to make the ride for your kid comfortable and easy.

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  • Kuberg Young Rider Trial E

Kuberg is a well-known company for high-quality electric dirt bikes. For kids of age 6 and above this is one of the most recommended dirt bikes.

It will cost you around $1,300 safely elements like the top speed of 17 mph, safety kill switch, and long battery life.

It might be a little costly investment but it’s worth the price.

  • Yamaha PW50

The brand Yamaha has never disappointed bikers with the quality and feature that they offer in the bikes. Yamaha PW50 is definitely a smart investment for your kid’s dirt bike.

The price range of the 2020 model of the Yamaha PW50 costs around $1,500. It comes with attractive safety features like adjustable throttle restrictor, fully automatic transmission, and grippy footpegs.

  • Honda CRF50F

In terms of reliability, a reasonable price, and great quality in terms of safety and looks, the Honda CRF50F can be a decent choice. This 2020 model of the Honda CRF50F costs around $1,600.

The attractive features like an automatic clutch, adjustable throttle limiter, and keyed ignition are some features that make it a new top recommendation for young riders.

These are the top five recommendations for the best dirt bikes for kids by Peter J Salzano. There is a long list of bikes that you can consider but in terms of suggestions, the above-mentioned bikes are some top picks for your kids this year.

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