Peter J Salzano: How to Prepare Yourself Mentally For an Important Bike Race

Performance pressure and anxiety can affect your mental peace, which is, of course, not a great sign,” says Peter J Salzano, a professional biker and a blogger. It is important for a trainer to make sure that the biker is mentally prepared for the big race, if not put in efforts to calm him/her down.

There is a lot going on in a rider’s head before the race, thoughts about strategies, chances of failure, and performance pressure. With all these thoughts it is very difficult to give your 100% during the race.

To avoid such situations equal attention should be paid to the mental health of the biker before the big day arrives. Guidance and motivation are the two key factors that Peter J Salzano says can do wonders.

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Moving on let’s discuss some of the ways in which the riders can prepare themselves mentally for one of the most awaited races of their life:

  • Get organized early especially when you are new as a professional rider. This reduces anxiety, gives you time to plan and organize if anything is missing.
  • Have a plan and set your expectations. Your time to cover an estimated distance is one example of planning.
  • Eat so that you do not feel nostalgic during the long race.
  • Be attentive and lean-to focus as there will be many distractions that can make you uncomfortable and tense while riding
  • Be prepared for different outcomes. This is a race some will win and some will lose. Be prepared as the last few minters of the race can bring out many emotions that can affect your game.
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These are the top five tips from Peter J Salzano on how to prepare yourself mentally for an important bike race.

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