Peter J Salzano: Ways To Increase The Visibility on a Motorcycle

There are so many bike accessories available in the market that have somehow become a necessity for bike riders,” says Peter J Salzano, a sports blogger and a biker by profession.

One common concern is the visibility issue while riding a bike and the majority of the bikers invest a lot in accessories for bikes to increase visibility.

Keeping the visibility issue in mind, here in this post, Peter J Salzano shared a few important points that will help you manage the visibility on a motorcycle.

Peter Salzano - Bikes - BMW S1000RR

Let’s see with what add-ons can the visibility on the bike issue can be managed:

  • Headlight Add-Ons

You can upgrade your original lightbulb with a different coloured lightbulb that will give a stylish look to your bike and increase visibility. Although it is not as effective as LEDs or HIDs, you can consider the coloured lightbulb as per the requirement.

  • HIDs (High-Intensity Discharge)

There are super bright lights mostly suitable for fog and heavier rainfall. These lights have restricted use, as they are super bright with a broader light beam.

  • LED ( Light Emitting Diode)

LED is the most common recommendation for those who are looking to increase the visibility on a bike. These lights are available in all looks and you can adjust the light based on your requirement. But only a few companies manufacture such advanced lights for bikes and cars.

  • Other add-ons that can help increase the visibility:
    • Turn Signal Add-Ons like Flush Mount Turn Signals
    • You can also integrate Turn Signals on Mirrors
    • Glow in the dark helmet
    • Glowing stickers for bike
Peter Salzano - Bikes - Yamaha YZF- R1

These are some of the add-ons that can help you increase the visibility on a bike. Peter J Salzano says some countries do not allow a lot of modification and have restricted the beam of the vehicle lights. So before you get any changes done make sure you know the rules of vehicle modification of your country.

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