Peter J Salzano: 2021 Trending Electric Motorcycles

“Bikes have been an evergreen trend, what changes are the model of the bike’” says Peter J Salzano, a popular biker. These days the electric bikes are more in the limelight due to different reasons like design, cost, efficiency and maintenance. Bikers do look for reviews and suggestions of electric bikes before they plan to buy any available in the market.

Peter Salzano - Bikes - Ducati V4S

Considering the growing interest of bikers in electric bikes, Peter J Salzano has shared a list of trending electric bikes in 2021, based on reviews from experts and a test drive survey conducted with a group of professional bikers.

  • Harley- Davidson LiveWire
  • Arc Vector
  • Zero SR/F
  • Energica Eva Ribelle
  • Lightning LS-218
  • Damon Hypersport Pro
  • Gogoro Smartscooter 2
  • Lightning Strike
  • WK E Colt
  • Fuel Fllow
  • Tarform
  • Horwin CR6
  • Super Soco TC
Peter Salzano - Popular Sports Bikes

These are the top trending electric motorbikes in 2021. Those who are planning to buy an electric motorbike this year should definitely consider the list shared. You should have options to compare, evaluate and then decide when it comes to buying something that requires huge investment, bikes being one of them. Peter J Salzano feels that it is important to know both the pros and cons of owning an electric motorbike based on your usage before you buy a bike.

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