About Peter J Salzano

Peter Salzano is a splendid motorbike rider, who sees motorcycling as a lifestyle and not as a hobby. Peter was in his teens when he discovered his passion for motorcycles.

Luckily, one of his close relatives was in the motorcycle manufacturing industry and helped the young Peter J Salzano learn the basics.

After getting his first-ever motorbike at the age of 18, Peter J Salzano was away with his fancies, riding to every nook and cranny of beautiful California. For him riding a bike offers an opportunity to engage with the passerby. 

Through his 20 years of experience, he has traveled to different places on his motorbike.

Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts
Peter J Salzano Motorcycle Enthusiasts

He shares all his life experiences with the readers. Through his blog section, he shares with motorcycle lovers and riders the joy of motorcycling. Reviews, tips, suggestions, photos, and videos related to biking everything are shared by Peter, to help the beginners to learn and explore the world as bikers.

Peter is a great source if you want to get inspired and guidance. He owns a wide variety of motorbikes and through his blogs, he has beautifully showcases them and gives tips to keep your bike new and clean.

With the intention of inspiring other riders to visit the other countries on the motorbike and experience beautiful landscapes. Explore a beautiful motorcycle lifestyle through the eyes of Peter.